Sherborne Town

A small yet mighty historic town in North West Dorset, Sherborne is surrounded by stunning green pastures and wooded hillsides. Situated on the northern slopes of the Yeo Valley, the town is dominated by its beautiful, golden abbey which certainly delivers the WOW factor for residents and visitors alike. 

Alongside the abbey, Sherborne also boasts a wide range of architectural buildings including a 17th century castle, and an 18th century school. What’s more, there’s also a huge amount of Ham stone structures, quarried locally on Ham hill, near Yeovil.

In terms of shopping and retail therapy, Sherborne has a lot to offer. These include speciality shops, clothing boutiques, antique shops, art galleries and much more. As well as the monthly Farmer’s Market, each Thursday and Saturday, busy street markets draw lots of visitors to the town. There’s an array of pubs, restaurants and cafes to choose from if you fancy a delicious meal, or a tasty beverage!

Next, one of the biggest benefits to the town of Sherborne is the pedestrianisation of the main shopping street called Cheap Street. This means shoppers can enjoy the street scene safely and without risk of vehicles causing any accidents.

In terms of green spaces, Sherborne has not one but three public parks for everyone to enjoy. The parks include The Paddock Garden, The Pageant Gardens and the Quarr Nature Reserve. Each of these provide fantastic open spaces that welcome people from near and far.

In terms of annual events, there’s plenty to do in Sherborne. Each May, there’s a Country Fair in the grounds of Sherborne Castle. This fair gives people the opportunity to enjoy country life with rural crafts, displays of animals and the infamous dragon boat racing.

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