2 Hours

Yes, we can certainly help you.

Yes. We will also take your luggage and help you with check in.
I’ll be outside arrivals with a sign with your name written on it.
This is no problem at all. I have enough space for all your luggage!
Yes, that’s no problem at all.
Yes, it is, and it’s equipped with charging points too.
Yes, we can cover any distance.
I have a white sign on my roof of the taxi so you’re able to identify it easily.
Hounslow's sign and your name.
This depends on the distance of your journey.
Yes, that’s no problem at all.
Yes - any colour you choose!
Yes, we do. Any problems, try our mobile number.
Unfortunately, there’s no eating or drinking in the vehicle.

Why should you choose us?

  • Over 30 years’ experience in the transport industry
  • Safe and secure accompanied travel
  • We work closely with schools in Sherborne
  • Business travel and transport
  • Family holiday taxi services
  • Airport to school link including ‘Meet and Greet’
  • Our drivers are DBS checked and vetted by Child Protection
  • We are First aid trained for peace of mind
  • We do airport transfers from Heathrow to Sherborne and more!
  • We offer International connection for 4 or more students

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